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    Cosmetic Acupuncture has a very specific natural look.   While all of our patients before & after photos are HIPPA protected; we have included a few released before and after pictures for you to get an idea of the treatments effects.  Instead of a raised lift (like you would get from a facelift) the face has a natural tightening and pulled back look.    Unlike Botox (which uses a toxin to completely deaden all muscle activity), wrinkles naturally fill in and eventually disappear all together.  We never edit, photoshop, or alter any of our patient’s photos.   Below we have attached studies and explained the typical course of treatment.  However, it is to be noted that everyone is unique.  People progress at a different rates. Changes occur over a period of time and are gradual and subtle.  While we do take pictures before you begin treatments, it is recommended that you take close up pictures of lines and wrinkles to map your own road to rejuvenation.

    Acupuncture is a process.  While many patients do notice a slight tightening or relaxed sensation after their first treatment, it is more common after a group of treatments. According to the attached studies and literature full Cosmetic effects can be seen after 24 treatments. These effects last 3-4 years without maintenance.

    In all other Cosmetic Acupuncture clinics, treatments typically cost $150-$190 a treatment.  A full set of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments can run up to $3600-$4560.

    In our clinic we have broken it down into packages and milestones to make it easier to track your results and get the most out of your money.  We offer packages that discount our pricing up to 40%.

    • At 6 treatments most patients can start seeing visible changes in their face.  The face has a glow to it and skin begins to tighten.
    • At 12 treatments wrinkles and fine lines start filling in.  The face also has a noticeable lift.   At 12 treatments we retake pictures and map  progress to see how fast and effective the treatments are working.
    • At 24 treatments the treatments should have max effect.  There is a noticeable lift.  Deeper lines fill in and the muscles reset in their new lifted  tightened position.

    Studies show that results last 3-4 years after 24 treatments without maintenance.  This is due to the fact that it is completely natural.  By redirecting the bodies natural resources to the face and reeducating muscles that body begins to heal itself.   We of course recommend a monthly treatment now and again and to take care of your skin to prolong this effect.

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