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    Welcome To San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture

    This Is An Outline Of Our New Patient Binder.

    By Reviewing All This Information You May Skip The Line, Most Of The Paperwork, & The Video Portion Of Our Consult When You Come In

    Please Let Our Front Desk Receptionist Know You Have Reviewed All This Information And Know What Package/Treatment You Would Like During Your First Visit.


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    New Patient Consultation
    First Please Watch This Video To Help Explain The Different Options Offered Here


    Now that you are familiar with the clinic we have just a few forms to go over:


    1 The first form we would like to go over is our comparison of treatments form.

    English Comparison of Treatments Page 1

    On this form you can see a comparison of all the treatments we offer here at San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture. We will go over only a few main points of this page. As you can see by this page Cosmetic Acupuncture always includes free Body Acupuncture. While you can opt out of the body Acupuncture we encourage people to advantage of this since if you are not sleeping well or feeling your best, it reflects in the face. The next thing you will notice is that Cosmetic Acupuncture is primarily for lifting and tightening while Micro/Nano Needling is for treating wrinkles, skin, and age spots. Most people that come to San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture chose to do a combination of both. When done together results almost double in speed and effectiveness, results are shown to last 5+ years instead of 3+ years without maintenance, these packages come with free Bio-Light and Bio-Mat treatments, and are 60%-80% Off. The last thing we would like to go over is the backside of this page. As we mentioned before the full program packages include free Bio-Light and Bio-Mat treatments (which are usually $75!) The Bio-Mat is a non-UV research proven LED light that stimulates collagen growth by 400%! It takes 20 minutes and you lay on the bio mat during this treatment. The bio mat is an infrared heater with 30lbs of amethysts that treats pain, stress, and insomnia. These are both great supplements to your program here at San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture

    English Research Page 1

    2 The next page is our research page. Here at San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture we are all about the research. We have listed a few studies for you and have a book full of them at the front of the clinic when you come in. We also encourage you to visit our yelp page for before and after’s and reviews. The back side of this page you will see our treatments compared to typical med-spa treatments. We only offer natural Cosmetic Acupuncture And Micro/Nano Needling at our clinic. This page helps compare our pricing, pro’s and cons with other treatments you may be familiar with.


    3 The last page is our pricing page. You can see each type of treatment we offer on this page. The med spa price is the price you would typically pay for this service at a med spa. Our price is the price you pay without a package. The package price is the price you would pay for the indicated amount of packaged treatments. We offer payment plans where you can split up the payment into 4 payments and be billed monthly for 4 months instead of paying it all up front. All of our packages are good for 1 year after the purchase date. As you can see on the this form the full program packages include the most treatments and are the most discounted. The are our most popular option and allow for the quickest and best results

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